About Softlab9


SoftLab9 Technologies Inc. (SoftLab9) is an international publicly traded company that specializes in the development of early staged companies.  We provide access to capital, executive management and industry experience to grow our portfolio of companies. Trading under the symbol “SOFT” on the Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE), under the symbol SOFSF on the OTC Markets, and under the symbol APO2 on the Frankfurt Exchange.
SoftLab9’s experienced team bring new ideas and innovation based on science to find solution’s to the current world we live in. Customers rely on quality, nontoxic products to keep their homes clean and their loved ones safe, now more than ever during these unprecedented international public health crisis.

Corporate Profile

SoftLab9’s soon to be acquired and wholly owned subsidiary, CleanGo GreenGo Inc, brings an advanced sanitation technology to the market. SoftLab9 brands are focused on combating viruses and bacteria such as COVID-19, SARS and others to help keep your loved ones safe and healthy. This solution has become a leading top-quality biodegradable, non-toxic and environmentally sound cleaning product.
CleanGo Green Go Inc. is a Western Canadian manufacturer of a patented green, non-toxic and biodegradable cleaning technology and is also an FDA approved manufacturer of hand sanitizer gels.


Rahim Mohamed – CEO
Kulwant Sandher  – CFO

Board Members

Rahim Mohamed (Chairman of the board)
Derrick Lewis (Director)
Alnoor Nathoo (Director)
Kelly Abbott (Director)

Sector: Industrial products

Industry: Technology

Phone Number: 403 605-9429

Email: info@soflab9.com