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Advanced Solutions for Advertising, RegTech, and InfoSec.

Data-driven Solutions

ADVERTISING, REGTECH & INFOSEC Software, Services, and Products.

Retail Advertising & Analytics

By combining the power of technologies, like geolocation, with data aggregation, our innovative apps reward both consumers and businesses – with connections, analytics information, sales, and even real cash rewards.

Regulatory Technology (RegTech)

Our proprietary data analysis software integrates many international databases covering numerous aspects of compliance for consistent, accurate, and auditable results, ensuring your regulatory compliance while speeding up the onboarding process.

Information Security

The amount of readily available information is a great thing – until it gets into the wrong hands. Our InfoSec software expertise and compliance services help keep you informed and secure at all times because some things shouldn’t be left to chance.

Who We Are

The Team

We have top experts in Product Development, Marketing, Advertising, Compliance, Fintech, and Infosec. The members of the executive team have many years in their respective fields. When we say all the bases are covered, we mean it.

Expert Developers

Tech is booming in Montreal and we’ve managed to assemble some of the best in the field – developers who won’t rest until the client is happy. They love coding and are constantly pushing new techology forward.

Confidently paving the way toward the future

Thinking Ahead

We’re always looking toward what’s next – the industries we’re in demand that. With that in mind, we’ve plugged in to Montreal’s Fintech and Artificial Intelligence (AI) communities. We’re also working with universities to foster relationships with the next generation of leaders and developers, as well as with governments to deliver compliant solutions using today’s new technologies.

Moving Foward

SoftLab9 is on a mission to use today’s most advanced technologies to create solutions for today’s data driven businesses. We guarantee reliable and scalable solutions, giving you only the most dependable, stable, and compliant products. Our team is keeping pace and pivoting, getting you to the next level.

Current Products



CatchCoin™, is a cash-rewards mobile app, where retailers and other businesses and events providers offer real money rewards to consumers in exchange for location visits and purchases, thus generating measurable foot traffic with a great return on investment (ROI).


Enhanced Compliance

Our proprietary data analysis software was developed to integrate Artificial Intelligence (AI) with traditional data sources. With it, large amounts of structured and unstructured data can be monitored in just minutes – quickly providing a clear picture of the target person or business.


Upcoming Projects

We have lots of great work that will be coming down the pipeline soon.  Stay tuned for more exciting projects!

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